On the first day of class, I was given at random this word ‘ Infrequency’. It’s been a semester of reflection and I am still without a good grasp of the word’s implications.  At this moment, Infrequency signifies break, a plateau in energy, a space to breath, a chance to stop and rethink hegemony in the beauty of self-determined near silence.

In the context of hyper-mediation, it could mean a disruption. A shut-down of frequencies and signals in the form of an intervention. The opposite of a culture jam with the same goal of interrupting the military-media- industrial complex – or the sonic, image, spatial, temporal and representational regimes that shape our contemporary experience.  This is negative infrequency.

Infrequency can also mean the nuanced drone in the background that erupts now and then to let you know of its presence. This is positive infrequency, which can be used by both hegemonic and counter-hegemonic forces.


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