Notes on Time and Stuff.

 time mechanized in advanced capitalism is engrossing. my body, my actions, my sense of time compartmentalized and atomized into commodifiable units exchangeable and made useful to the machine which i cannot see but can feel in the everyday experience of watching the cyclical movement of numbers piling over...production-consumption-production. A cycle of course is never closed, even in a loop where that which projected forward falls back onto itself... delineation forms another loop, that again closes in on itself, while being still attached to the original loop.
philosophical clarity is not always imperative. I experience the world disjunctly, I am told narratives that universalize and homogenize and mythologize constructed singularities. My perceived time is fragmented, my consciousness is fragmented as my experience of the everyday is refracted and alienated into bits and pieces of sound bites and 2 second images and transitory relationships. I therefore cannot write in the methods of clarity, unity and categorizations that have been taught to me as legitimate.

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