Dan Graham ‘ Performer/Audience/Mirror’ 1975

With its self-explanatory title, ‘ Performer/Audience/Mirror’  blurs the distinction between the three categories as they overlap, multiply and feedback into a situation of immediacy through simultaneous  reflexivity and reflection.  This activity occurs at several levels.  First is the reflection of the gaze through the physical presence of the mirror, redirecting the image of ‘performer’ or subject of gaze , which has in part  become the audience , back onto the audience themselves.  Second, is the reflection of the audience in the performer, who narrates through  movement in space, the affirmation of the present, in the description and articulation of his own body, his feelings, thoughts, environment as well has his perception of the audience.  Presence here is articulated dualistically, with the anti-representational — presentational  positioning and flipping of the the audience into a performer to be observed.   immediacy, and immanence creates a situation in the dialectical moment, where the audience is activated as subject and the performer- formal subject is an object of observation which re-invigors as a subject viz- a viz the capacity to perceive and exert perception upon the audience and shape the dynamics of the audience through immediate, affirmation of the present.  As such, there is an affirmation of the self, in the presentational modality in addition to the affirmation of the present as a moment, experienced as a shared ‘now’ and  shared ‘potential’ ( since presence makes palpable the self and the transformation of the self in relation to the other – audience/performer) that has a continuously progressing model, simultaneously makes a move towards the immediate future  while regressing in reflexivity.

– displacement of self, self-awareness and embarrassment upon realizing recognition of the self through the perception of the other. Vulnerability, challenging the traditional concept of the self as a preserved, intact, self-containing whole.

–  relationship between presence and delay that continuous moves time in a way that feels like present – on-going fluctuation between the immanent past, the immediate present, and the projected near future which falls back on itself to determine to a degree the direction of the performance/experience.


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